Bio – English

The band, originally made up by Vincenzo Matozza (drums, percussion, producer) Felix Matozza (bass), Filippo Poderini (guitars) -swiftly replaced by Giovanni Romeo, has collaborated with many artists coming from different music scenes, such as Maria Mazzotta (vox), Rachele Andrioli (vox), Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone), Edoardo Marraffa (saxophone), Paolo Roberto Pianezza (guitar), Viola Mattioli (cello), Marco Vecchio (saxophone), Simone Salvini (trumpet), “New Horns Ensemble” (woodwind), Jerry Pepe (piano), Mattia Franceschini (Rhodes, Moog), Federico Ferrer (DJ), Giacomo Bertocchi (saxophone) etc.etc.

Since the very beginning, Cau Porta dedicated itself to produce its own music, which ranges from the reinterpretation of some traditional Apulian songs, to the creation of brand new music, produced during jam sessions, where the interplay between the musicians mixed up with the combination of different styles and influences. In 2015 the band auto produced the first two songs.

After a brief partnership with the label Animamundi (Otranto), Cau Porta meets up with Seekal’Indie, an independent company, and comes out with the first record: Grow. The album has been recorded, mixed and produced in Bologna, in different studios (Pig Zen, Audioline Music Village, Scuola di Musica Popolare Ivan Illich, PriStudio). Massimo Gandolfi e Luca Zecchi contributed as sound technicians; Michele Postpischl e Roberto Priori as sound engineering. Cau Porta is currently promoting its record.

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